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I spent the first quarter (providing I live to 100) of my life being told what was acceptable and how I should act by parents, crap media, teachers, holy men, friends, indie musicians and society in general. The majority of the information I received was utter bollocks. It made me anxious and now it needs to be forgotten.

I was a natural born worrier – I regularly fretted about death, the future, my family, sex, my own shortcomings, everyone else’s shortcomings. I lived under a haze of mild depression throughout my teens and early twenties. I was an anxious adolescent. The only way I could relax was by using alcohol, drugs or masturbating (or all three).

Although on the outside I always appeared cocky and boisterous, (I always had great friends and the odd very sexy girlfriend), on the inside I never felt like I was enough. I had low self esteem. I never understood why I felt so helpless, hopeless and sad.

At the beginning of 2011 I reached breaking point. I was working a job I hated, going home to get high and masturbate every night, living on a couch, drinking way too much and my art was no longer fun. I retired to my family home (thanks mum!) to regroup.

Around this time I happened upon a Youtube video by dating guru and all-round positive mofo Kurt Spelling. He was an inspiring dude. He lit a fire under my ass. I began to read the different game blogs and ebooks. This lead to me reading books on confidence, fear, social dynamics, spirituality and philosophy. I was bitten by the reading bug. I began to read incessantly. “Holy shit, there is soooo much good information out there!”. (The only reading I had done prior to 2011 was newspapers). I bought myself a Kindle.

I realized that there are answers to my questions, there are ways to feel great and live life how you want to live it. I learned that there are NO RULES, and whoever said there were was WRONG. I finally realized that the world is my oyster and that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

This blog is about my ongoing journey of discovery. It focuses on love-life, dating, confidence, motivation and self-improvement.

I am going through a renaissance. I am happier than I ever thought I could be. Society tries to keep us down and make us mundane. We are being sold something at every turn. Social media, GARBAGE TV, porn, advertising – learn to ignore it all. School curriculum, university, boring job, IDEAS OF WHAT ONE CAN OR CAN’T DO – archaic, limiting, for the birds. Discount and detach yourself from it all and THINK FOR YOURSELF. Be your best self. Live at your edge. Be massive and love relentlessly.


One thought on “About the author

  1. I am just curious why the hell there is no one who did like this page before. Anyway, hope to be the first one. You did a great job by changing your habits, and it is the most important one. Keep moving and hope you will soon achieve some of your dreams. Thanks for passing by my blog.

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