Why BOTHER being anything other than completely honest?

Being anything other than completely honest with a girl you are approaching is piling way too much importance on to the interaction. And this is making her higher value than she actually is.


There is a literally endless amount of girls around that are physically hot enough for you to sleep with. Whether or not you sleep with any particular one of them is not at all important because for every hot girl you encounter there are another 100 around the next corner.


The hot girl you approach is no more important than any other Joe Soap you pass on the street. Being anything other than totally honest implies that she is so important that you need to put on a choreographed act in order to communicate with her, and that you can’t just be normal and yourself. It says that you need to make a big effort to make this thing ‘work out’, to achieve a ‘goal’.


The only goal is making the approach in the first place, showing up as a man, checking her out as a prospect.


You know zero about the girl, just accept that she could be anything at all, you have no idea what her personality will be like. You may well not really be into her vibe.


She could respond well to crafty gaming, she could respond well to pure honesty, she could respond well to Irish traveller drag her out by the hair style seduction. Who knows?


Trying to cajole and impress is too much work and effort, it’s low value to put so much effort into someone you know nothing about. Make contact, show her your vibe and let her decide. If she doesn’t bite there’ll be many, many more that do. There are so many girls that will love and get soaking wet for a strong, honest, straightforward man who can be himself.


You must just see her as one of the millions of good looking girls that are about and your interaction with her as merely one of the countless interactions that you have with girls all the time.



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