Honesty above all else

I am totally honest at every turn. I say what I want to say. If I can calmly communicate my honest thoughts then I am living by my highest values.

I believe this is the biggest breakthrough in thinking I’ve made in quite a while. Being completely honest ticks all my boxes. It is inkeeping with the fact that approaching is the only success, it is outcome independant, it is showing up as a man and it is what I wanted to be able to do all the way back in the beginning of my personal growth/game adventure.

The game techniques and methods never sat right with me. I do not want, or believe it is optimal, to mold my behaviours and communications into unnatural forms that are not me. It makes people stiff, wooden and usually weird when they are trying to be something they are not. I do not want to communicate with others with ulterior motives in my head.

It is most important to be congruent. Congruence is charisma. I crave to be honest in my life. I adore honesty, I value it above all else.

Being totally honest is obviously the highest integrity way you can communicate with others. Say what is on your mind and get it out into the world. It is up to the recipient of your honesty to deal with it as they choose. You have done your bit, you can hold your head high. If people don’t value the truth and appreciate straightforwardness then that is their issue. I live by my standards. And in my worldview the gold standard is honesty.

Telling a girl what you are really thinking; that she is beautiful, you wanted to meet her, or whatever happens to be the truth of what is on your mind at the time, is the ideal, and it has been what I wanted to be able to do for as long as I can remember. It is kind, beautiful, clear, human communication between you and a girl you want to find out more about. Put your cards on the table. It doesn’t matter what happens after that. Being honest is all you can do, it’s all that is within your power. It’s the only way to begin, it’s all you have control over. After that the interaction takes on a life of it’s own which you can never predict. It’s exciting, it’s beautiful, it’s me doing my job and showing up as a man.

I look around me and I see the overwhelming majority of men peeking out from the corner of their eyes at cute girls, pretending not to have noticed them, trying to be macho and aloof, chained up tightly in their own insecurities and fears. It’s sad. It’s been me for the majority of my life. I don’t want to be in that group anymore. I want to be strong and brave and free and honest. Freedom is happiness.

The feeling of release you get when you approach a girl and are honest about your thoughts is ecstasy, every time.


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