Frame for ‘3 little chats’

3 chats to eligible girls every single day. It’s daily exercise, stretching, staying limber, it’s cash in the bank.

Fuck self image, it’s just a process. Every chat makes me stronger. Who cares how I look to other people!?

When chatting it’s not about getting validation or good reactions from the girls. You do it for the enjoyment of taking action itself.

Enjoy just starting little chats. 99% of guys are too big pussys to even just start a chat with a girl.

Chat to girls in more and more tough situations. Chat to girls in front of other people as much as possible. Always push it.

It’s never about the girls, it’s about me.

Never take myself too seriously. Fuck around, self amuse, enjoy my own shit.

Just chat to cuties about any old shit, it isn’t supposed to go anywhere.

3 chats a day with cuties builds a rock solid foundation of social confidence that will last forever.

Fulfilling my task every day makes positivity in my life snowball. Kept up over time and it gets easier and easier and my game gets better and better.

Take pleasure in the small victories. Nice little chats, they may go somewhere, they may not.

Build up my prefrontal cortex which gives me the willpower to approach and chat more and more easily.

Action is the cure to all game and social issues, it gets you out of your head which is the key.

You are entitled to the action not the reaction.

Any action is better than no action.

Love the journey. Surrender to the journey. This is a long-haul thing. Must do shit that doesn’t produce the result I want right now. The experiences accumulate and over long periods of time (a month, 6 months, a year, 5 years) I grow. It must be consistent. A day that I go out and chat to 3 girls, all of which knock me back, is a great day!

It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be.

Nobody gives a fuck about you, nobody’s gonna do it for you.



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