Approaching will only get easier

Approaching will only get easier.

I’m still in the early stages of sober, honest gaming. I’m new to it and I don’t have much experience. The weather is brutal and freezing and dark. It’s the beginning of a long harsh winter.

But as I continue to consistently and relentlessly have three honest and congruent chats with eligible girls every single day, week in week out, over the coming year it will become more and more second nature. It will become totally natural and easy to strike up chats with girls.

I will always be honest, whether that’s some comment about the environment or whether it’s a totally upfront and direct approach.

I will chat to girls in every conceivable environment; the street, the gym, the sauna, the bar, the club, the cafe, the bookstore, the train, the tube, the bus, the plane etc etc. I will get totally used to honestly and lovingly striking up conversations with girls.

The weather will slowly improve along with my ability to approach and I will be in a much better place with my game by the time the first warm days, bare legs and boobs begin to appear in May.

And a great summer will be on the cards.



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