Don’t Be Creepy

Yesterday morning I was sitting at a bus stop, sipping from a rejuvenating and disposable cup of joe and feeling groovy. I was sitting right next to a rather beautiful student from the school I was on my way to give some classes at. I had never seen her before and we were not conversing at all. She was much too young and I was not even remotely tempted to mix business with pleasure.

What made the experience note-worthy however was the fact that I was in the perfect position to feel what it’s like for a girl to be ogled by passing guys.

One middle aged, scruffy, out of shape, unattractive dude in particular kept coming past and coping a big, unsubtle eyeful every time. He was trying to be subtle but failing miserably. He just couldn’t stop staring.

It was pretty gross and he came across super low value and creepy.

It showed me that overt checking out of a girl without smiling, acknowledging, saying ‘hi’, making contact etc. is just plain creepy and low value. She is human, not a piece of meat. And if you don’t know this, it suggests you have precious little experience with women.

So, you can either be creepy and lame and weak (like the vast majority of guys today) and simply upload the image to the wank-bank or you can do the honest, reasonable, un-creepy thing and make contact with the object of your desires.

If, for whatever reason, making contact is not an option (which it is often not, maybe you’re married, maybe you have a headache) do yourself and the girl a favour and keep the ogling to a minimum.


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