Girls notice guys NOT chatting them up, and they think it’s lame

This post goes out to all my male readers. It has to do with meeting girls and the mind-frame you should have when out and about and eligible.

I was shooting the shit with a girl I’ve been seeing recently and she disclosed a few fascinating truths about how cute girls think. What she said rang true with bits and pieces I’ve heard from other girls when having similarly themed chats. It also made intuitive sense to me.

First of all, she is a sexy girl, a girl that many guys would like to chat to. This is important because if she was below average in the looks department this might suggest different reasons for her observations.

Anyway, from among her insights I took a few important realities that should be realized by all men.

Firstly, she said that guys are really not very forward the vast majority of the time. I approached her directly on the street during the day. She thought this was cool, ballsy and exciting. She said this sort of direct, honest, cheeky approach almost never happens. She lamented that guys are not nearly as forward as they used to be when she was at school. She complained that men have lost their edge and become sissy, betas. (This was not news to me but still interesting to hear it form the horse’s mouth.)

Secondly, she said that a girl can see when a guy thinks she’s cute but doesn’t have the balls to approach her. This lack of balls makes a man much less attractive. So what this means is that when you and a girl share a little moment of eye contact and a smile on the street or in a coffee shop and you still don’t introduce yourself then she just thinks you are a wimp. You must go up and say “hi” to stay attractive, otherwise you are just a reasonably handsome sissy. And a reasonably handsome sissy does not wet a pussy make.

Finally, she confirmed what I already knew, namely that if she finds a guy very attractive she still won’t go up and talk to him or do anything much at all for that matter. It is up to him to make a move. Whenever I read guys writing on game blogs about ‘proximity’ and ‘IOIs’ etc. I think “you pussy, don’t wait around for a girl to invite you over, just be a man, be honest and go after what you want”. Babes are thinking THE SAME THING. Girls will not instigate things, that’s a man’s job.

Risk rejection, give yourself the possibility of success, live your life, laugh, love and go for what you want.

To recap:

Girls want cool guys to chat them up in a normal and honest way outside of the nightclubs, sober.

Girls notice when a guy is checking them out but doesn’t have enough balls to talk to them. This lack of balls is a turn-off.

Most girls won’t do much to let a guy know she thinks he’s cute so a guy must go after what he wants regardless. A man must make his own luck.

So what all of this says to me is that our social conditioning has fucked us up (again). Both sexes are losing out the way things currently stand. While many people think it is weird to chat up a girl sober, during the day, I believe that it is weird NOT to chat up a girl you wanna meet wherever you may encounter her.

PS. I just showed my mother the draft of this article and she said “absolutely son, of course girls like being approached – sure isn’t it all a bit of fun. What have you got to loose!”

Ladies enjoy being approached, the whole thing shouldn’t be treated too seriously. Life is fun. Chance your arm, add some fun to her day.


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