12 commandments of inner game

1. The only “success” is making the approach, it’s the only thing you have complete control over.

2. Every girl, no matter how hot, has to be fucked by some dude. Why not you?

3. You have ZERO say about the outcome of any single approach so you must have zero outcome dependance.

4. The choice is only ever approach or never, ever get the chance again. You won’t see her another time.

5. You literally NEVER regret approaching, every approach makes you stronger.

6. My mind tends to tell me that girls are unavailable (she’s waiting for a boyfriend etc.), it misreads the signs and has been totally wrong countless times.

7. A girl is attracted to a man with BALLS.

8. The ONLY WAY to alleviate approach anxiety is to approach.

9. You can never be happy as long as you care what other people think of you.

10. You ALWAYS feel elated when you do what you set out to do, you always feel shit when you chicken out.

11. Remember how lucky you are to even be aware that you can meet and chat with girls anywhere, anytime. Most people walk around in their own private, lonely bubble of anxiety and judgement; not even aware of the possibilities all around them. Be thankful you are healthy, alive and outside in this amazing city with your eyes open, living your life.

12. It’s only about you. You are doing battle with your other, lazy, rationalizing self. That self is your enemy. He is relentless. He will prevent you from reaching your goals if you let him win.


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