Seduction is a marathon, not a sprint

In my humble experience the most effective, and enjoyable, way to seduce a girl is to pace yourself, stay in the game when lesser men would bail out, be non-needy, genuinely interested and gently escalate. It takes time.

And why wouldn’t it? Boys and girls think differently. Males and females live under different social expectations. The same world, very different situations. Men are physically stronger and a potential threat, so a girl must be able to suss things out. Most girls need to feel comfortable in a mans company before they will go to bed with him. Most men do not need to feel comfortable in a cute girls company before they will go to bed with her.

As far as I can tell, most guys go wrong when trying to seduce a young lady by moving too fast. A night out, for many guys, is a frantic event. They can’t talk to girls sober so they get too drunk too fast. They start sweating, shouting too close to ears, they undertake overzealous and needy chat-up attempts, they leave interactions early and butt-hurt when a girl doesn’t show immediate interest (“she’s a stuck-up bitch” etc etc). They get too drunk, too physical, too needy, too intense, too show-offish, too aggressive, too sleepy and puke. They don’t pace themselves.

In my experience what works best is not being too drunk, going for the girl that you really want, chatting to her about anything at all, being as non-needy, fun and attractive as you know how and slowly moving things forward. Let her attraction for you grow. Let your charisma and charm become fully apparent to her.

Then kiss her, really well. Break the kiss off first, and go back to talking about something non-sexual. Don’t make the kiss a big deal.

Don’t chat all night and forget/fail/lack the balls to kiss her. I’ve done this before. This you will regret.

So in short, go slow, but don’t stand still.


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