Remembering “Why”

I read an excellent post this morning over at HCMF Movement.

It introduced me to what I believe is a really simple but powerful way to think about your projects.

The basic premise is that it will motivate you much more and keep you more firmly on the straight and narrow if you always remember the “Why“s of your goals.

An example:

Me: “I wanna leave Facbook.”

Myself: “Errr, OK.”

Me: “I’m gonna make sure I have the people I wanna see again’s email addresses and delete my account permanently.”

Myself: “Good for you. I’m not convinced tho. Why?”

Me: “So I can stop wasting my finite life reading updates when I could be making a tiny dint in the gigantic mountain of wonderful, beautiful, life-enriching, growth-inspiring books that are available for my Kindle.”

Myself: “Ahhhh, now I’m convinced, where do I sign?”

“Why”s are much more inspirational than “What”s or “How”s.

The “What”s and “How”s are mechanical and of the brain, the “Why”s are emotive and of the heart. The “Why”s produce real hunger.

When I went on a masturbation diet it was very helpful to visit this site to be constantly reminded “Why” this tough course of action was a good idea.

My friends who live in a small town with hardly any cute girls never go out and approach. They are too afraid and too lazy to tackle this fear head on. I believe that at least a part of this is because they are not motivated by the “Why” everyday like I am. I live in a mega-city that is packed tightly with hot babes so I am constantly reminded of why it is so important to me to be able to chat up girls any place, any time.

When I decided to leave Facebook for good I had to write a list of the pros and cons and re-read this list many times during the 3/4 week period it takes them to actually close your account to remind myself “Why”.

Most things that are worth doing are tough and require a level of discomfort, so you will be plagued by resistance. In order to push yourself through discomfort and resistance on a daily basis you have to use the “Why”s as motivation.

The “Why”s remind you of the, more anxiety provoking, “If I Don’t“s, which are also motivational as fuck:

“If I don’t learn to approach well then I’ll never meet her, or her, or her, or her, or…..” I could say to myself as I stroll around my mega-city.

“If I don’t stop watching shit TV/listening to gossip radio/reading the news ten times a day/Tweeting I’ll never even make a tiny dint in the gigantic mountain of wonderful, beautiful, life-enriching, growth-inspiring books that are available for my Kindle.”

“If I don’t go to the gym and work my ass off I’ll never have a rippling 8-pack 😦 ”

“If I don’t stop wanking my willy will fall off before my 30th birthday.”

All valid concerns.

You only have one life, the “Why”s and “If I Don’t”s should always be remembered. The fear of not reaching your potential should always be smoldering (gently) in your heart. Anything’s possible, scary isn’t it?


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