Growth never ends, so get your vitamin D

When you start on a journey of self-improvement that is wide ranging and multi-faceted you’d better be ready for a fight. When you decide beyond all doubt that it is the right thing to do, that you MUST do it and it becomes your identity then you can’t look back. Quitting half way would be worse than having never started. Once you’ve seen the sun it is impossible to crawl back into your cave and forget about it.

It is quite an undertaking, your entire sense of self is at stake. There will be many dark times when you feel so much resistance that you lose hope for a bit and wonder if you have what it takes. Even during the tough times I’d still rather be fully aware, wet-shaving with the razor sharp blade of my fear and getting that all-important Vitamin D.

At some points on your journey it becomes hard to remember how you were before you began. You go through periods of self-doubt and wonder if you’ve made any progress at all. Old negative habits, vices and thought patterns keep arising and calling you back like sirens to the shore. “I thought this would all be cleared up by now?” you think.

For me, the realization that I was not living well or meeting my potential was an epiphany. I had been living in the dark. The fact that I could do something about it was earth-shattering. I dove into my journey of self-improvement with obsessive vigor and determination. I was goal orientated and I had targets. There was a destination.

But as I moved forward the map just continued to unfold and reveal more and more territory. I came to realize that self-improvement is a never-ending journey. It is a way of life. There is no finish-line.

You must make your (never-ending) journey with love in your heart for yourself. You gotta be totally supportive of yourself. You gotta realise that the negative things in your life linger and tempt for a long time. Xvideos will always have 50 new scenes a day, getting high will always be fun, BBC News 24 will forever be addictive, eating high GI foods will be momentarily satisfying ’til the day you die, approaching a beautiful girl will always provoke some anxiety. If you beat yourself up over these realities you will always be stressed to the max. Smart men and women have designed the harmful shit in our modern society to be HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. The battle to stay autonomous, healthy and out of the clutches of those that wanna sell you shit and hold you back will always rage.

Cut yourself some slack but keep pushing on. Be stubborn. Realize growth never ends, and that you don’t want it to. Be positive and love yourself through the tough periods. Enjoy the journey, see the funny side and love that your eyes are open.


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