Pretty girls ARE NOT getting chatted up all the time

There is a myth going around amongst the male populace. The myth is that pretty girls have lots of guys going up to them and chatting them up all the time.

Not so. This myth is horse-shit.

Believing this myth means that men are more intimidated than they ought to be at the thought of making first-contact with a pretty girl. They think that because girls are getting all this attention, they need to stand out by being super-impressive and saying really clever, jaw-dropping shit.

In reality, the vast majority of men NEVER go up and talk to unfamiliar girls that they fancy. FACT: Most guys are just too afraid to try their luck with strange and exotic tail.

I have lots of cute female friends and they vouch for this. I am out observing society more than most. I spend time in lots of different environments with very different clientele; the gym, university, bars, cafes, the streets, parks, even nightclubs – girls are not being hit on as much as guys think. You rarely see it.

Most couples meet through their social circles.

Girls mostly get chatted up by; socially inept, unattractive ‘gamer’ guys with weird and forced behaviors, or drunk guys.

If you are a ‘normal and cool’, semi-charismatic dude with his shit somewhat together and you can be chilled and positive and shoot-the-shit sober with the filly of your dreams then you are way ahead of the curve. No fancy tricks or gimmicks needed. (Trying too hard always looks lame anyway.)

You can stand out simply by being one of the rare non-needy, non-drunk guys that come and chat her up in a non-weird way.

So go and talk to the next cute girl that tickles your fancy. It never goes badly. At the very least you’ll probably end up making both your days.


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