Love yourself

It’s all too easy to ignore our own positive traits and focus on (and exaggerate) what we perceive to be our negative traits. This is very damaging to our quality of life. As the noble laureate Katy Perry often wails, “Baby, you’re a firework”. Katy has clearly cottoned on to the importance of realizing your own value and being self-confident.

It is crucial to our happiness that we love ourselves. Not realizing our own worth will mean that we won’t have the confidence to try for what we want in life. We will never reach our potential. Someone not reaching their potential, in their one and short life, is extremely tragic.

Being conscious of our qualities and loving ourselves gives us the confidence to do what we want. It lets us take risks because our self-worth is not dependent on outside factors, such as what other people think of us. We have self-confidence.

If you find someone attractive, you should absolutely go up and talk to them. The potential rewards dwarf the potential pitfalls (of which, I believe, there are literally none (‘rejection’ is character building)). But you’ll only be able to go up to the desirable person confidently and bring your best-self if you truly believe that what you are offering them is an attractive proposition. You gotta believe that they are the lucky one.

Everyday on streets, in cafes, on underground trains, in gyms, in prisons etc. people who are very attracted to each other and who would greatly enrich each others lives DON’T meet because they are too unconfident and unaware of their own value to take a risk and say “Hi”. How sad!

Great things don’t just fall into your lap. Life enriching achievements must be worked hard for. If you can have a true confidence and understanding of your own positive attributes then you will have the ability to go out on a limb and start making your dreams come true.

We are often more inclined to focus on what we don’t like about ourselves than we are to think about what we do like about ourselves. I’ve met so many physically beautiful people who are totally unaware of their beauty. They are used to being attractive and it is no longer something that they notice, it is their default. They find something else to worry about and concentrate on that; there is no logic in low self-esteem.

You can choose how you think and what to focus on. You can decide to stop exaggerating, inventing and defining yourself by your shortcomings. Never let a rejection or a lose or failure to reach a goal lower your self-esteem. EVERYBODY on the planet has setbacks such as these ALL THE TIME, it is an entirely normal part of being a human and it has zero reflection on your worth. Hell, the more mistakes you make, the more you’re LIVING YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST, at your edge. Rejections are lessons and a sign that you are growing and leaning into your fears.

Everyday you should spend some time remembering what you are good at and reminding yourself of your positive attributes. Write a new list of what you like about yourself everyday if necessary. Or make a comprehensive list and read it everyday. Learn to love yourself.

People who love themselves make much better company and ARE MORE ATTRACTIVE. Self-depreciating people become tiresome very quickly. You need to love yourself in order to give love to others.

We have to believe in ourselves enough to be able to chase our dreams. This means ditching the negative thoughts, being strong and brave and retraining our brains to realize that we are special. Often we are our own worst enemies. We need to be our own best friends.

A lack of confidence will keep us from having happy and fulfilled lives. It will keep us from being content on our death beds. We must battle hard to banish our self-doubt and start to really love ourselves.


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